In 1975, Fouad took his first step to success by graduating with a master’s degree in chemical engineering from Michigan Technological University. He dreamt big and felt the ideal place to turn this dream to a reality was the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He grasped this opportunity and made sure not to let go by using his vision, initiative, and leadership to showcase his value. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia he proved himself by tackling challenging projects, eventually contributing to the establishment one of the largest private industrial companies in the region, Future Pipe Industries Group. This business, which is now wholly owned by Future Group Holdings, has grown into one of the world’s largest producers of composite pipe systems and is now a global player in its scope of activities with specialized subsidiaries in four continents. Apart from establishing his own company, Fouad also invests in a diverse portfolio of businesses that nourish the local Lebanese economy. These investments are in domains ranging from engineering, industrial, commercial, research, real estate, security, information, multimedia and publishing. Fouad Makhzoumi has always had one vision in mind: “… investing in new large and productive projects and generating job opportunities is crucial to attract young people for them to become a force contributing in the production process and building countries.” Fouad has happily achieved his goal as the companies he’s invested in currently employ more than 5,000 people worldwide.

With the sudden surge of natural resources in Lebanon, Fouad desires to capitalize on this discovery for the advancement of his homeland stating that “oil and gas is the future of our country. Its real development would only be successful if we target the underdeveloped regions.” He sees this finding as an opening to steer Lebanon away from corruption and put wealth in the hands of the common man: “We need to seize this chance, as not only will it create promising career opportunities for our skillful Lebanese youth, therefore overcoming the brain drain, but it shall also protect them from being driven away by extremism and terrorism." In that respect, Fouad commissioned the launch of the annual Lebanese Oil and Gas forum, in addition to several college conferences and student debates to help spread awareness about the importance of educated youth and how they can help drive Lebanon in the right direction.